First of all, thank you for your interest in writing for The Ferdinand. Your voice will add depth to this ever-changing conversation. Unfortunately, because of our grassroots nature, we cannot offer any payment for your writing.  Please think about these guidelines before submitting.

  1. The theme of the blog is about masculinities, and how our modern world shapes how we view masculinities. This can come from a very personal or academic angle. All are welcome.
  2. We will take in all types of writing, serious, funny, but know that this blog believes in empathy and compassion to all humans. When you write your piece please keep that tone in mind.
  3. Here are the types of pieces that we’re looking for
    1. Profiles
    2. Memoirs
    3. Humour
    4. Advice
    5. Op-eds
    6. Essays
    7. Poetry
    8. Short Fiction
  4. There is no specific word length, but we may ask you to limit writing that may be too long. Or we may separate it into different parts. Think about your common internet blog post as your guideline.
  5. We want submissions from everyone. Men, Women, anyone identifying as LGBTQ, Indigenous, immigrants, Canadians, Americans, people from all over the world. Just because you feel it might be covered already, does not mean we can’t talk about it again.
  6. Here are some specific topics to help you along the way:
    1. Fatherhood
    2. Male mentors, especially a profile on your male mentor
    3. Masculinities in different cultures
    4. How manhood and politics intertwine
    5. Feminism
    6. Intersectionality of perceptions of masculinities with different experiences
    7. Indigenous points of view

Once you’ve read this, and you’re ready to submit, please email your piece along with a short bio as a .doc to